“Best of the Season” update

Randy Halberstadt photo by Daniel Sheehan

Randy Halberstadt | photo by Daniel Sheehan

Seattle photographer Daniel Sheehan was on the scene at the Bellevue Jazz Festival opening night, and captured the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra in action, including pianist Randy Halberstadt. Check more of his fine shots from the performance on Daniel’s site, EyeShotJazz.

And KING5’s New Day featured a live performance by one of the Rising Star quartets, featuring Peter Graham on piano, Matt Bumgardner on trombone, Max Holmberg on drums, and Mat Muntz on bass.  Watch the video of their performance of “Minor Blues” on Thursday morning’s show. These guys swing.

Were you at the show Thursday night? Share your highlights in comments.

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3 responses to ““Best of the Season” update

  1. Great sound Thursday night. As an old-time buff (beginning in the 30s, 40s and 50s) I especially enjoyed the Kenton and Apple Honey pieces. Question. I was sure Ralph Burns was the arranger of Apple Honey. Who was it in the audience that was credited with that?

  2. Apple Honey was indeed arranged by Ralph Burns, and transcribed from the original Woody Herman recording by me. We were giving credit in the concert to local Seattle-area writer, Bob Hammer, who arranged “Goodbye Porkpie Hat” and “Better Get Hit in Your Soul,” both of which we also performed that night a the Bellevue Festival. Thanks again for attending our show! -mb

  3. Gary Shurtleff

    Goodman concert was great, but a minor error in the program for future reference. The name of the composer of “Stompin’ at the Savoy” last name is Sampson not Simpson as printed in the program. Mr Sampson was also the composer of “Don’t Be That Way” the concert encore. Four of Mr. Sampson’s tunes (these two plus “When Dreams Come True” and “Gettin’ Together”) were played by Goodman at his Carnegie Hall Concert so Mr. Sampson may come up in future programs. Chick Webb recorded all of these tunes before 1935 in Sampson arrangements. Again great concert!

    Gary Shurtlef

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