The view from the trombone section

David Marriott, Jr with SRJO

David Marriott, Jr. | Photo by Bruce C Moore

David Marriott, Jr. (aka Red Raspus) is a composer, arranger, educator, and award winning trombonist.  In addition to performing in a number of standing bands, and a busy schedule as a private and classroom instructor, David (like his brother, trumpet player Thomas Marriott) is a member of the Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra.

While SRJO holds public rehearsals every year, often including internationally known visiting artists, David shares this unique opportunity to view bits of a rehearsal from the perspective of a band member. Literally, from the trombone section. This rehearsal took place in a chilly Town Hall prior to SRJO’s standing-room-only performance of Sacred Music of Duke Ellington in December, and features brief glimpses of the band and guest artists Nichol Eskridge, the Northwest Chamber Chorus, and tap-dancer Alex Dugdale.

Cover Art: Early Originals by David Marriott, Jr.While we can’t offer you a seat in the trombone section, we will let you know when and where future public rehearsals take place. Watch this space for announcements. Meanwhile, check out Early Originals, some original compositions by David,  recently repackaged from out-of-print Marriott Jazz Quartet releases The High Country and Open Season.


3 responses to “The view from the trombone section

  1. Very nice Blog for the SRJO. I look forward to it being a source of news and info for me and a link here in the Bay area to an outstanding jazz music organization of the great Northwest.

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