J4K audience

Kids love jazz

SAT, March 6  4:00 PM
Nordstrom Recital Hall/Benaroya Hall
(1-hour matinee)

Jazz4Kids concerts are free-of-charge, and are presented for all children and youth, plus any parent, teacher, family member, or youth group leader accompanying them. Includes instrument demonstrations, a hands-on instument display in the lobby (courtesy of Mills Music), and questions from kids in the audience. Jazz4Kids concerts are presented with support from PONCHO.

Jazz4Kids sold out for March 6 (no more names can be added to the free will call list). However, families can still show up at the door to be put on the waiting list on the day of the concert beginning at 3 PM.

Learn more about SRJO’s Jazz4Kids program.

UPDATE: this show is full, and the list for free tickets is closed. Some free tickets may be available at the door if there are no shows. Thanks to all for your enthusiastic support of Jazz4Kids!

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